The principal applicant must be an active member of the teaching staff at the Université de Montréal Faculté de l’aménagement.

Subsidized projects

  • Applied research.
  • Events: Symposia, seminars, studios.
  • Outreach activities: Exhibitions, conferences, publications.


The Observatory proposes two types of grants:

  1. Support grant. This grant is not destined to finance the total cost of the project. It is rather a complementary grant to other sources of income. The presented budget shall include all the financing resources, including in-kind contributions.
  2. Starter grant. This is an exceptional grant to finance the first stage of an innovative project that does not fall in any of the regular categories of grant organizations. This grant should serve to finance the first stage of a more complete, long-term project, potentially admissible for other financing opportunities.

Application due date and results

The grant application must be transmitted (date to be specified later) by e-mail in PDF format to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Results will be announced six weeks after the application due date.

Presentation of applications

The application files must include the following paragraphs:
1. Statement of the project’s conformity with the Observatory’s guidelines (max. 1 page)
2. Project summary (max. 1 page)
3. Expected results and outcomes for the Observatory (max. 1 page)
4. Description of the project (max. 4-5 pages)

  • General objective and specific objectives
  • Problem statement
  • Theoretical and methodological approach (research project) or description of activities (events and outreach activities)
  • Bibliography
  • Intended audience

5. Training and mentoring (max. 1 page)
6. Knowledge mobilization (max. 1 page)
7. Description of the team and its participants (events and outreach activities)
8. Detailed and justified budget, including all sources of funding (cash and in-kind contributions), the amounts detailed with indication of their postal address, with identification of the amounts requested from the Observatory.

Complementary information

In the applied research context, if the study calls for the intervention of human beings, the main researcher will agree to submit a proposal to Université de Montréal’s Research Ethics Board.

The Board reserves the right to request complementary information and to make suggestions.

Upon examination of the budget as presented, the Board may propose to defer part of this budget if justified.


For each funded project, the applicant agrees to sign the charter of the Ivanhoé Cambridge Observatory.
The PDF version of the grant application will be available at a later date.

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