On May 5-7th, and for the 23rd year in a row, the graduates of the Faculty of Environmental Design at the Université de Montréal presented their final projects. The ICO recognized the quality of several projects from the graduates of the Faculty of Environmental Design by awarding them a prize at the Graduates Exhibit.

The awards recipients are as follows:

Architecture (undergraduate): Lora Casasola and Sophie Trépanier-Laplante
Architecture (Master’s): Sophie Talbot and David Lapierre
Industrial Design (undergraduate): Marie-Josée St-Hilaire
Interior Design (undergraduate): Marianne Laporte
Landscape Architecture (undergraduate): Sophie Tremblay-Gratton and Marianne Pascual
Landscape Architecture (Master’s): Lou-Anne Tétrault St-Onge
Urban Planning (undergraduate): Mathieu Émond
Urban Planning (Master’s): Cyrielle Menardi and Riyadh Guessoum

2016 UdeM Finissants K LR   2016 UdeM Finissants B LR
2016 UdeM Finissants C LR   2016 UdeM Finissants D LR
2016 UdeM Finissants E LR   2016 UdeM Finissants F LR
2016 UdeM Finissants G LR    



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