The Observatory brings together researchers from different departments:

School of Architecture

School of Design

School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture

Post-doctoral researchers

In addition to these researchers, the Observatory has several students who work or have worked on research projects: Nathalie Bleau, Yves Dandurand, Ludwig Desjardins, Nicolas Douay, Nohad Eid, Virginie Gauvin, Catherine Gingras, Anick Laforet, William Luis, Alexandre Maltais, David Métivier, Françoise Selly, Claire Simonneau, Jean-Pierre Sirois and Pauline Wolff.


The Observatory collaborates or has collaborated with researchers affiliated with other institutions:

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Université Laval, Department of Management

Université de Québec à Montréal, Department of Urban and Tourist Studies

IRNS (Urbanisation, Culture, Société)

University of Texas-Arlington, School of Urban and Public Affairs

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